Thank you very much for visiting; we're happy you found us. Frontier Coffee is based in the Smoky Mountain foothills of East Tennessee, is  family owned and operated, and focused on providing premium fresh roasted coffee to fellow Patriots around the country. We love God, Family, and Country and are unapologetic about our values and beliefs. 

We've cut the safety nets of other jobs and are fully committed to building our family business. In doing so, we can produce products and services in a manner we see fit, conduct business with clients and partner companies fairly and honestly, and hope in the near future to be able to employ others who share our values and are willing to work hard to help ensure the American Dream and American Way of life continue.

A little bit about our backgrounds: 

Jen has worked in the coffee service industry for over 15 years and is absolutely adamant about making sure the Frontier Customer experience is second to none. From overseeing roasting, bagging, and fulfilling orders as quickly as possible to developing our new Frontier Apothecary line, Jen wants to ensure every person who believes in and supports Frontier is thrilled with our products and services. In addition to being in the coffee industry, Jen holds a masters degree, has taught elementary education, and has spent time working in real estate. 

Nate has been in the Army for 17 years serving as a Green Beret and is currently part of the National Guard. Outside of the military, Nate has raced as a pro triathlete and spent time in film and advertising advisory roles.

Kaden is in 7th grade, a straight "A" student and an up and coming wrestler. He's 100% on board with the family business and is beyond impressive when it comes to his Frontier work ethic!

Thank you very much for supporting us; please never hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.

Wake Up & Be Legendary,

The Dressels