Sept. 12, 2001

America's Last Day

Where have we gone in 22 years? The America we see today is nothing like the one we witnessed waking up the day after 9/11... 
Albeit a horrific event, our nation was unified. We were unified in shock, unified in grieving, and unified in love for our fellow countrymen. While we were unified, we were not truly bonded. It seems in the past decade or more  we have witnessed a degree of division not experienced since the 1860s. Racial tensions have been unnecessarily stoked, political parties and social “justice" activists openly champion sexual depravity, mental illness, and the abuse of children. So called "conservatives" in office refuse to stand up for conservative values for fear of elitist reprisal, and government agencies are mobilized against  everyday citizens as a Gestapo-like police force. The list of absurdities goes on and on...
All the while, the rest of us with any common sense and traditional values have bore the brunt of the insanity. If we don't believe a man can be a woman we are a “transphobic bigot." If we believe our tax dollars should be prioritized on Americans in need, we are, "xenophobic nationalists." If we believe all lives matter, we are "racist." Actually, if you believe anything other than a far left woke agenda, you are labeled a “conspiracy theorist," “Nazi." or, "domestic terrorist / extremist." The line in the sand for moral decency as a nation and culture has eroded to an unrecognizable slurry. 
We pose an honest question for you and hope you will respond:
Is the American Dream still alive? And, if so, how can we restore the hope, love, and patriotism we cherished such a very short time ago?
De Oppresso Liber,
Nathan Dressel
CEO Frontier Coffee Co. 

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